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US raises Ukraine pressure on Russia  •  Top aide to French president resigns  •  Pope leads Good Friday services  •  Charges over Todd cyber-bullying  •  Gul rules out Erdogan job swap  •  Giorgio Armani settles tax dispute  •  Channel Tunnel trains back to normal  •  EU green light for UK carbon project  •  French far-right 'opens arms' to UKIP  •  VIDEO: Tackling the world's coldest marathon  •  Australia: Napoleon artefacts stolen  •  German media boss criticises Google  •  Anglo Irish bank pair found guilty  •  VIDEO: European Parliament  •  Albania profile  •  Andorra country profile  •  Armenia country profile  •  Austria country profile  •  Azerbaijan country profile  •  Belarus country profile  •  Belgium country profile  •  Bosnia-Hercegovina  •  Bulgaria country profile  •  Croatia country profile  •  Cyprus profile  •  Czech Republic profile  •  Denmark country profile  •  Estonia country profile  •  Finland country profile  •  France country profile  •  Georgia country profile  •  Germany country profile  •  Greece country profile  •  Hungary country profile  •  Iceland country profile  •  Ireland country profile  •  Italy country profile  •  Latvia profile  •  Liechtenstein country profile  •  Lithuania country profile  •  Luxembourg country profile  •  Macedonia country profile  •  Malta country profile  •  Moldova country profile  •  Monaco country profile  •  Montenegro country profile  •  Netherlands profile  •  Norway profile  •  Poland country profile  •  Portugal profile  •  Romania profile  •  Russia country profile  •  San Marino country profile  •  Serbia country profile  •  Slovakia country profile  •  Slovenia country profile  •  Spain country profile  •  Sweden country profile  •  Switzerland country profile  •  Turkey country profile  •  Ukraine country profile  •  United Kingdom country profile  •  Vatican country profile  •  Abkhazia profile  •  Regions and territories: Ajaria  •  Catalonia profile - Overview  •  Regions and territories: Ceuta, Melilla  •  Channel Islands profile  •  Chechnya profile  •  Regions and territories: Corsica  •  Crimea profile  •  Dagestan profile - Overview  •  Faroe Islands profile  •  Gibraltar profile  •  Greenland profile  •  Ingushetia profile - Overview  •  Isle of Man profile  •  Kabardino-Balkaria profile  •  Kaliningrad profile  •  Regions and territories: Kalmykia  •  Karachay-Cherkessia profile  •  Kosovo profile  •  Nagorno-Karabakh profile  •  North Ossetia profile  •  South Ossetia profile  •  Trans-Dniester profile  •  VIDEO: Obama urges caution over Ukraine deal  •  VIDEO: World's prettiest Easter eggs?  •  AUDIO: The world's first homoerotic stamps  •  VIDEO: 'Nervous atmosphere' in Sloviansk  •  VIDEO: Nato steps up eastern defences  •  VIDEO: Migrants jumping fence into Europe  •  VIDEO: DNA tests at French school over rape  •  VIDEO: Mladic genocide charges decision due  •  Shannon Airport: A curious history of celebrity visitors  •  Alfa Romeo plots a US comeback  •  Bye bye Dany  •  Making cartoons from conflict  •  Czech bottle-boat inventors crave the sea  •  On a hill, in sight of Europe  •  VIDEO: The Spanish hamlet being given away for free  •  Polish MP finds job as UK handyman  • 
Is Greece finally on the mend?  •  Lagarde's warning for Europe  •  A history of defaulting on debt  •  Celebrating Dries Van Noten  •  First day of catwalks in Paris   •  Secrets of Louis Vuitton success  •  This woman gets fired everyday  •  Who wins history's nerdiest battle?  •  For $150k you could be Buzz Lightyear   •  Clockwork boy still enchants us  •  When GIFs get sexy  •  Pope to wash feet of disabled  •  New Banksy art disappears  •  Obama's 4 options on Russia  •  U.N. releases report on Ukraine  •  Milan: 7 things to know  •  Is this a new Banksy?  •  Economic war against Ukraine  •  Remembering Hillsborough  •  Is world tough enough on Putin?  •  'West must not blame itself'  •  A 3D printed house?  •  Ukraine: Protesters refuse to vacate  •  Pope leads Good Friday service  •  Mouth-watering Easter art  •  9 questions about Ukraine  •  Can 'odd couple' ease talks?  •  Anti-Semitic fliers in eastern Ukraine denounced  •  On Russian TV, Snowden asks Putin about surveillance  •  London barbers confronted for Kim Jong Un poster  •  Brilliant Madrid top Barca for Copa win  •  Silvio Berlusconi to carry out community service  •  Tennis: Record crowd for return of 'King of Clay' Nadal  •  Dutch teen arrested for airline terror tweet  •  U.N.: Italy's navy rescues 6,000 migrants in four days  •