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EU plans fines for refusing refugees  •  Future of Turkish PM Davutoglu in doubt  •  Portugal targets 'Russia football gang'  •  Charges in Russia-Poland spy case  •  Real Madrid 1-0 Manchester City (agg 1-0)  •  EU upholds tough rules on tobacco packs  •  European Central Bank axes 500 euro note  •  EU sets out road to Turkey visa deal  •  Chanel stages fashion show in Cuba  •  EU exit 'could take years to complete'  •  Spain hunts 'mafia-linked' Russians  •  German right leader fined in race trial  •  Polish radio fans in 'freedom' protest  •  Denmark scraps first-class post delivery  •  Eurozone recovery picks up speed  •  VW to pay chiefs £49m despite losses  •  VIDEO: European Parliament  •  Albania country profile  •  Andorra country profile  •  Armenia country profile  •  Austria country profile  •  Azerbaijan country profile  •  Belarus country profile  •  Belgium country profile  •  Bosnia-Herzegovina  •  Bulgaria country profile  •  Croatia country profile  •  Cyprus country profile  •  Czech Republic country profile  •  Denmark country profile  •  Estonia country profile  •  Finland country profile  •  France country profile  •  Georgia country profile  •  Germany country profile  •  Greece country profile  •  Hungary country profile  •  Iceland country profile  •  Ireland country profile  •  Italy country profile  •  Latvia country profile  •  Liechtenstein country profile  •  Lithuania country profile  •  Luxembourg country profile  •  Macedonia country profile  •  Malta country profile  •  Moldova country profile  •  Monaco country profile  •  Montenegro country profile  •  Netherlands country profile  •  Norway country profile  •  Poland country profile  •  Portugal country profile  •  Romania country profile  •  Russia country profile  •  San Marino country profile  •  Serbia country profile  •  Slovakia country profile  •  Slovenia country profile  •  Spain country profile  •  Sweden country profile  •  Switzerland country profile  •  Turkey country profile  •  Ukraine country profile  •  United Kingdom country profile  •  Vatican country profile  •  Abkhazia profile  •  Regions and territories: Ajaria  •  Catalonia profile  •  Regions and territories: Ceuta, Melilla  •  Channel Islands profile  •  Chechnya profile  •  Corsica profile  •  Crimea profile  •  Dagestan profile - Overview  •  Faroe Islands profile  •  Gibraltar profile  •  Greenland profile  •  Ingushetia profile  •  Isle of Man profile  •  Kabardino-Balkaria profile  •  Kaliningrad profile  •  Regions and territories: Kalmykia  •  Karachay-Cherkessia profile  •  Kosovo profile  •  Nagorno-Karabakh profile  •  North Ossetia profile  •  South Ossetia profile  •  Trans-Dniester profile  •  VIDEO: Migrant children 'dream of getting to UK'  •  VIDEO: Rome revels in Ranieri's Leicester triumph  •  VIDEO: 'Crazy' queues as Brussels airport reopens  •  VIDEO: Brawl erupts at Turkish parliament  •  VIDEO: Bomb blast in Turkey kills two  •  VIDEO: Thirteen presumed dead in Norway crash  •  VIDEO: Russia's rival song contest  •  VIDEO: Trump jumps barrier to avoid protesters  •  Turkish leadership split spoils the party  •  Has EU found solution for flawed asylum rule?  •  The football club founded by Jules Rimet battles its way back  •  Turks look to EU to scrap visas for travel in Europe  •  Nagorno-Karabakh: BBC visits Azerbaijan's side of frontline  •  Leicester's title party hangover  • 
Leicester win Premier League against 5,000-1 odds  •  Title could net club £150M  •  Stealing food 'not a crime' in Italy   •  Bayern Munich out of Champions League  •  Gerry Adams in hot water for N-word tweet  •  Body of 'Russian Rambo' flown home  •  When in Rome... it could be useful to speak Chinese  •  Radiohead teases short Instagram clips   •  Mercedes boss blasts 'conspiracy theories'  •  Hundreds arrested during Germany protest  •  32,000 sign up for dinner at nude restaurant  •  11 killed in chopper crash off Norway   •  J.K. Rowling: Sorry I killed off Remus Lupin  •  Roger Federer suffers new setback  •  Weasel stops world's biggest particle accelerator   •  Blast hits near police headquarters in Turkey  •  'Robo-mermaid' finds 350-year-old treasure  •  Austria passes tough new asylum laws  •  Will, Kate: Has it truly been 5 years?  •  Manager accuses player of 'sex masochism'  •  1,300 lb of Roman coins unearthed in Spain  •  Invictus Games: Game on for Obamas and royals  •  The 10 vintage watches to invest in now  •  Princess Charlotte turns one   •  Tiny homes hidden in Italy's manholes  •  The 'Moscow Merman' is real   •  Wow! London unveils new 600 ft slide   •  Germany puts traffic lights on ground   •  Chernobyl, 30 years on  •  The West must stand up to Erdogan  •  Milan shopping: 8 independent boutiques you need to know   •  Gene Simmons on Prince: He 'did it all'  •  Mysterious fireball lights up night sky  •  The crystal Bible to last a billion years  •  Cricket spaghetti sold in France  •  What is the European Union?  •  500-year-old shipwreck emerges from river  •  Jews leave France in record numbers  •  Escaping ISIS: An 'intervention' in France   •  How Italy won the race for beauty  •  How to draw religion, exploitation and taboo  •  Me in Three: Fabio Novembre  •  The cardboard car coming to Milan  •  A long way from Posh Spice  •  How Mexican food changed my life  •  Living the cheese dream  •  Tell us your eureka moment  •  Dronestagram: The world through the eyes of a bird   •  How to look effortlessly cool in 100F heat  •  Inside Oman's magical pop-up rainforest   •