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Ukraine move draws Putin threat  •  Ecclestone denies bribery in Germany  •  Match-fixer arrested in Finland  •  Police make Syria plea to UK women  •  Cornish granted UK minority status  •  Turkey: Armenia killings 'inhumane'  •  Clegg: Lib Dems must fight EU myths  •  EU in slow progress on deficit cuts  •  Russian Duma passes film swearing ban  •  Blair warns West over radical Islam  •  Shakespeare 'a cultural icon' abroad  •  Czech deer still avoid Iron Curtain  •  Banksy street works to be auctioned  •  Alstom shares jump on GE bid report  •  Novartis in $16bn GSK division deal  •  VIDEO: European Parliament  •  Albania profile  •  Andorra country profile  •  Armenia country profile  •  Austria country profile  •  Azerbaijan country profile  •  Belarus country profile  •  Belgium country profile  •  Bosnia-Hercegovina  •  Bulgaria country profile  •  Croatia country profile  •  Cyprus profile  •  Czech Republic profile  •  Denmark country profile  •  Estonia country profile  •  Finland country profile  •  France country profile  •  Georgia country profile  •  Germany country profile  •  Greece country profile  •  Hungary country profile  •  Iceland country profile  •  Ireland country profile  •  Italy country profile  •  Latvia profile  •  Liechtenstein country profile  •  Lithuania country profile  •  Luxembourg country profile  •  Macedonia country profile  •  Malta country profile  •  Moldova country profile  •  Monaco country profile  •  Montenegro country profile  •  Netherlands profile  •  Norway profile  •  Poland country profile  •  Portugal profile  •  Romania profile  •  Russia country profile  •  San Marino country profile  •  Serbia country profile  •  Slovakia country profile  •  Slovenia country profile  •  Spain country profile  •  Sweden country profile  •  Switzerland country profile  •  Turkey country profile  •  Ukraine country profile  •  United Kingdom country profile  •  Vatican country profile  •  Abkhazia profile  •  Regions and territories: Ajaria  •  Catalonia profile - Overview  •  Regions and territories: Ceuta, Melilla  •  Channel Islands profile  •  Chechnya profile  •  Regions and territories: Corsica  •  Crimea profile  •  Dagestan profile - Overview  •  Faroe Islands profile  •  Gibraltar profile  •  Greenland profile  •  Ingushetia profile - Overview  •  Isle of Man profile  •  Kabardino-Balkaria profile  •  Kaliningrad profile  •  Regions and territories: Kalmykia  •  Karachay-Cherkessia profile  •  Kosovo profile  •  Nagorno-Karabakh profile  •  North Ossetia profile  •  South Ossetia profile  •  Trans-Dniester profile  •  VIDEO: Andy Murray in tears at Stirling award  •  AUDIO: Migrant birds 'shot as trophies'  •  VIDEO: How does MEP expenses system work?  •  VIDEO: Syria-held French journalists freed  •  VIDEO: Greek skies light up for Easter  •  VIDEO: Obama urges caution over Ukraine deal  •  VIDEO: World's prettiest Easter eggs?  •  AUDIO: The world's first homoerotic stamps  •  A tale of two Europes  •  Portugal's return to bond market fuels recovery hopes  •  Europe braces for first vote since crash  •  Poster wars breaking out across Europe  •  Rome's international community of the dead  •  Black Briton aims to be Estonian MEP  •  Will the wind in Spain blow slower?  • 
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