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Spain protest party hails poll gains  •  Russia begins massive air exercise  •  Ancelotti sacked as Real manager  •  UK and Russia to resume Syria talks  •  Vatican bank sees earnings soar  •  Poland president loses to challenger  •  Greece will 'keep up debt repayment'  •  PM and EC president hold reform talks  •  US jets escort NYC-bound flight  •  French film Dheepan wins at Cannes  •  Sweden scoops Eurovision 2015 crown  •  Irish Church needs 'reality check'  •  Rabbit killed live on Danish radio  •  Armoured car limo for Russian brides  •  Greece 'cannot afford IMF repayment'  •  EU agrees 1.8bn-euro loan to Ukraine  •  VIDEO: European Parliament  •  Albania profile  •  Andorra country profile  •  Armenia country profile  •  Austria country profile  •  Azerbaijan country profile  •  Belarus country profile  •  Belgium country profile  •  Bosnia-Herzegovina  •  Bulgaria country profile  •  Croatia country profile  •  Cyprus profile  •  Czech Republic profile  •  Denmark country profile  •  Estonia country profile  •  Finland country profile  •  France country profile  •  Georgia country profile  •  Germany country profile  •  Greece country profile  •  Hungary country profile  •  Iceland country profile  •  Ireland country profile  •  Italy country profile  •  Latvia profile  •  Liechtenstein country profile  •  Lithuania country profile  •  Luxembourg country profile  •  Macedonia country profile  •  Malta country profile  •  Moldova country profile  •  Monaco country profile  •  Montenegro country profile  •  Netherlands profile  •  Norway profile  •  Poland country profile  •  Portugal profile  •  Romania profile  •  Russia country profile  •  San Marino country profile  •  Serbia country profile  •  Slovakia country profile  •  Slovenia country profile  •  Spain country profile  •  Sweden country profile  •  Switzerland country profile  •  Turkey country profile  •  Ukraine country profile  •  United Kingdom country profile  •  Vatican country profile  •  Abkhazia profile  •  Regions and territories: Ajaria  •  Catalonia profile - Overview  •  Regions and territories: Ceuta, Melilla  •  Channel Islands profile  •  Chechnya profile  •  Corsica profile  •  Crimea profile  •  Dagestan profile - Overview  •  Faroe Islands profile  •  Gibraltar profile  •  Greenland profile  •  Ingushetia profile - Overview  •  Isle of Man profile  •  Kabardino-Balkaria profile  •  Kaliningrad profile  •  Regions and territories: Kalmykia  •  Karachay-Cherkessia profile  •  Kosovo profile  •  Nagorno-Karabakh profile  •  North Ossetia profile  •  South Ossetia profile  •  Trans-Dniester profile  •  VIDEO: Inside Brodsky's 'Room and a Half'  •  VIDEO: Anti-austerity votes shake Spain  •  VIDEO: Cameron in EU talks with Juncker  •  VIDEO: On-air proposal after marriage vote  •  VIDEO: Fans react to Sweden's Eurovision win  •  VIDEO: Ireland backs same-sex marriage  •  VIDEO: Greece debt crisis: A street artist's graffiti guide  •  VIDEO: The liberal Turkish city trying to keep life secular  •  Europe's next cheap holiday destination?  •  The swelling migrant security crisis  •  The great 'Mars bake-off' begins  •  Gay marriage vote shows changed Ireland  •  VIDEO: 'A tale of two skirts'  • 
Separatist commander killed in Ukraine  •  Three very different elections that took place  •  Grandmother, 65, gives birth to quadruplets  •  Russia bans 'undesirable' NGOs  •  Premier League farewells legendary trio  •  Hatton Garden heist: 8 men charged  •  Child sex abuse: Celebs among suspects  •  Is Putin's rumored girlfriend pregnant?  •  Ukraine charges 2 Russians with 'terrorist activity'  •  17-year-old 'forced' to wed police chief  •  CNN witnesses migrant rescue  •  Rare poison found in tycoon's body  •  Federer furious after boy's selfie attempt  •  Cannes 2015: The winners and losers  •  'Little island with a big voice': Pride over Ireland's vote  •  Boston bomber faces death: Legalized revenge?  •  Europe needs war footing against radical Islam  •  What China's wealthy want  •  New hip London takes shape on the fringes   •  Who was the Norway mass killer?  •  Russia rolls out high-tech new battle tank  •  Sweeping French surveillance bill clears hurdle  •  Coming soon: World's longest road-rail tunnel  •  French chef brings Basque favorite to the U.S.  •  U.N. report alleges child abuse by French soldiers  •  Man delivers pizza to Popemobile  •  France debates banning 'starving models'  •  The intricate art of timekeeping  •  Old, rusty cars expected to sell for $20 million  •  The best of Asian street style  •  How high-tech clothes could be your next doctor  •  The woman who slept, but got no rest  •  Stone-Age blades still cutting it in modern surgery  •