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Alps co-pilot 'had suicide treatment'  •  French elections see swing to right  •  MH17 appeal for Buk missile witnesses  •  Acquittal was 'rebirth' - Sollecito  •  UK couple found shot dead in Spain  •  Cameron launches election campaign  •  Litvinenko suspect can give evidence  •  Varoufakis: End 'toxic blame game'  •  Family of four dead in Gibraltar flat  •  Prada profit takes a hit from China  •  Love blooms for rival Russian MPs  •  Bulgaria buskers 'must be qualified'  •  Yoox in talks with Net-a-Porter  •  Kingfisher fails to nail French deal  •  VIDEO: European Parliament  •  Albania profile  •  Andorra country profile  •  Armenia country profile  •  Austria country profile  •  Azerbaijan country profile  •  Belarus country profile  •  Belgium country profile  •  Bosnia-Herzegovina  •  Bulgaria country profile  •  Croatia country profile  •  Cyprus profile  •  Czech Republic profile  •  Denmark country profile  •  Estonia country profile  •  Finland country profile  •  France country profile  •  Georgia country profile  •  Germany country profile  •  Greece country profile  •  Hungary country profile  •  Iceland country profile  •  Ireland country profile  •  Italy country profile  •  Latvia profile  •  Liechtenstein country profile  •  Lithuania country profile  •  Luxembourg country profile  •  Macedonia country profile  •  Malta country profile  •  Moldova country profile  •  Monaco country profile  •  Montenegro country profile  •  Netherlands profile  •  Norway profile  •  Poland country profile  •  Portugal profile  •  Romania profile  •  Russia country profile  •  San Marino country profile  •  Serbia country profile  •  Slovakia country profile  •  Slovenia country profile  •  Spain country profile  •  Sweden country profile  •  Switzerland country profile  •  Turkey country profile  •  Ukraine country profile  •  United Kingdom country profile  •  Vatican country profile  •  Abkhazia profile  •  Regions and territories: Ajaria  •  Catalonia profile - Overview  •  Regions and territories: Ceuta, Melilla  •  Channel Islands profile  •  Chechnya profile  •  Corsica profile  •  Crimea profile  •  Dagestan profile - Overview  •  Faroe Islands profile  •  Gibraltar profile  •  Greenland profile  •  Ingushetia profile - Overview  •  Isle of Man profile  •  Kabardino-Balkaria profile  •  Kaliningrad profile  •  Regions and territories: Kalmykia  •  Karachay-Cherkessia profile  •  Kosovo profile  •  Nagorno-Karabakh profile  •  North Ossetia profile  •  South Ossetia profile  •  Trans-Dniester profile  •  VIDEO: Kercher mother 'shocked' by verdicts  •  VIDEO: MH17 probe's plea for missile witness  •  VIDEO: Tapping into Armenia's potential  •  VIDEO: French polls suggest Conservative win  •  VIDEO: Alps co-pilot 'had suicidal tendencies'  •  VIDEO: UK Election 2015: A brief guide  •  VIDEO: Alps plane crash: How a town is coping  •  VIDEO: Monitoring a ceasefire in Ukraine  •  VIDEO: Living on Ukraine's front line  •  British Museum: In search of beauty  •  France rings changes and turns right  •  Inside Europe's biggest sex offenders' prison  •  What drives people to murder-suicide?  •  Putin still in fashion 15 years on  • 
Leaked transcript reveals final, terrifying moments  •  Video shows Andreas Lubitz flying glider  •  What was in the mind of co-pilot?  •  Victim's family gathers near crash site  •  Remembering the victims  •  Pilot reassures his passengers  •  UK election campaign begins  •  BBC Director General receives death threats  •  Amanda Knox 'glad to have life back'  •  Homeless invited to tour the Vatican  •  Richard III finally laid to rest  •  Pro-ISIS magazine in Istanbul bombed  •  Knox trial: The evidence  •  Italian retrial: Anxious wait for Knox  •  Denmark slams Russian envoy  •  Fine line between guilt and innocence  •  Famous photos unbelievably recreated with tiny models  •  'Top Gear' producer not filing charges against Clarkson  •  Fur: 'Not sexy, not fashionable, not cool'  •  Secret Prince Charles letters to be released   •  The car-crazy fashion model who swapped the catwalk for motoring   •  Man delivers pizza to Popemobile  •  Did solar eclipse live up to the hype?  •  North Korea: Russia's new best friend?  •  France debates banning 'starving models'  •  Why people on this island live past 100  •  New video shows missing British girls in Turkey   •  Bomb explodes during pro-Ukrainian rally  •  Should UK authorities have stopped teens?  •  The intricate art of timekeeping  •  Old, rusty cars expected to sell for $20 million  •  The best of Asian street style  •  The hidden epidemic of childhood TB  •  The place where people live longer  •  Are we ready for the next global epidemic?  •